Casino Betting Strategy, A Waste of Time?

casino betting strategyA lot of people have wasted a lot of their lifetime trying to calculate a betting strategy that could be used to consistently win money at the casino.

Although Albert Einstein professed that “No one can possible win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn´t looking”, it has not stopped people trying to develop a winning formula for hundreds of years. We look at some of the most common casino betting strategies, their advantages and their potential pitfalls.

Many people visiting a casino will have used the Martingale System at some time without even possibly being  aware it had a name. The Martingale System involves doubling the amount of an even money chance bet every time it loses – for example, you stake £1.00 on red, and the roulette ball drops in black, so – on your next bet – you stake £2.00 on red.

Unfortunately, each spin of the roulette wheel is entirely independent of previous spins, so you could encounter a situation where the roulette ball drops in black so many times that you have reached the table maximum at your casino and cannot recover the stakes you have lost.

The advantage of this system is that it is not often that players will experience nine consecutive losses (the number required for your bet to increase from £1.00 to £500.00 – usually the table maximum), and there is more than one way in which to play the even money chances on a roulette wheel – red/black, odd/even, high/low – so you can accumulate funds fairly quickly.

Just be aware that long losing sequences can (and will) occur from time to time. This is a better system to use on the Blackjack table, where an element of skill is involved and you can get better than even odds when winning with a Blackjack.

Because of the potential for large losses with the Martingale System, some players prefer to use the Fibonacci sequence for their staking plans.

The Fibonacci System also requires players to increase the size of their bet after a losing spin of the wheel or hand of cards, but in smaller amounts. The staking sequence is created by adding the amounts of your two previous losing bets together to determine how much to stake on your next bet, so after your first losing bet, the size of the next bet is calculated by adding 0 and 1 together. If that bet loses, you add 1 and 1 together, and should that bet also fail to win, your next bet will be 2 plus 1.

The sequence for nine losing bets would be as follows:-

So, you can see that a bad run on the roulette wheel is not going to cost you anything like the combined total of your losses using the Martingale System. On the downside, you are never going to recover all the amounts you have lost on previous losing bets when you collect on a winner  as – for example – by the time you are staking 13 chips, you have already lost 20 chips, so a win is not going to cover you short-term losses. The success of this system relies on having a number of winning streaks and fewer losing ones.

Other Popular Systems

The D´Alembert System is a more linear progressive betting system rather than the “all-or-nothing” concept of Martingale or Fibonacci. This system requires that you increase your bet by a small fraction when you lose, and decrease it by that same fraction when you win (although it could also be worked in reverse).

This means that you are going to have to start with a figure such as £10.00, and increase it to £12.00 should you lose or decrease it to £8.00 should you win. Long losing sequences will not cost you as much as either of the above systems, and whether you win or lose will be decided on whether more reds come out than blacks whilst you are playing roulette. This is also a good system to use on Blackjack.

The Paroli System supports the opposite way of thinking, so that you only increase your stake when you are winning to take advantage of “hot streaks”. Inasmuch as the logic may be sound, the drawback on even money bets is that a winning bet is not always followed by another winning bet.

Therefore, you could double up your £1.00 bet on red, only for your next £2.00 bet to lose – thus generating the net loss of £1.00. The Paroli System works much better or bets which have longer odds of winning than even money – such as 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 – although betting on these segments of the board then give you a lower chance of building up a winning sequence.

There is no guarantee that any casino betting strategy is going to work on a long term basis, and many of them require discipline and patience to operate.  Your best bet (Boom! Boom!) is to enjoy your casino betting experience, learn how to play blackjack, bet within your limits, enjoy the times that you win and remember that there is always another day should you start to lose.

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