Guide To Real Money Casino Games Online

Real Money Casino Games GuidePlaying at an online casino can actually be really exciting for you, as there any gambler can enjoy a vast array of games, each of them being just few clicks or taps away. You won’t miss a thing with our featured casino operators.

From the simple scratch cards we all love, through the all-time classic blackjack and roulette, all the way to the modern video slots with their beautiful graphics and exciting features.

What our team accomplished is to provide a useful insight for the most popular games. The table below will come in handy for you, regardless if you are into real money casino games or you prefer to play in practice mode.

Different Games for Different Players

When creating this website our goal was to make it useful for all types of casino players. We’ve clustered the top games in 3 groups, based on the skill level they require.

To some extent we can be the stabilisers for a beginner’s ‘casino bike’ and the source of additional knowledge for the experts. Read on to see for yourself in which category you fit best and what casino games are most suitable for you.

Casino Games Suitable for Beginner Players

Our suggestion is that if you have no or little experience with online casinos, you should start with the less complicated games. They are easy to play, don’t require any skills and can make your adaptation process fast and painless.

SCRATCH CARDS – We all love the thrill scratch cards and different lottery tickets give us. Casino operators move the excitement online with an impressive variety of games. In order to get a profit you have to match the winning symbol or complete a certain pattern. The maximum win can go up to the mind-blowing x10,000 your bet.

SLOTS are the most heavily involved casino game, no matter where you play. At the online casino operators you can find countless slot machines, from the classic 3-reel versions to the modern-day video slots. Online slots have various number of lines, bonus rounds, free play mode and progressive jackpots.

KENO is a game that is very similar to lottery. In the classic variant of the game, casino players make up to 10 picks from the 1-80 numbers. After that, the random number generator-powered game determines 20 winning numbers for the round. The payout depends on your total numbers played and how many you got right.

Top Game Choices for the Intermediate Players

The second and third levels of our casino players hierarchy are not remarkably separated. If you already gathered enough casino knowledge and feel ready to move on, we suggest that you try baccarat, craps, casino hold’em or sic bo.

BACCARAT is a card game that is incredibly popular among Asian players. Both player and banker are dealt with a hand of 2 cards. The value of the highest hand you may get in this game is 9. That is because in baccarat ten equals zero and the count restarts. You can bet on the player, the banker or on a tie. Some casinos have baccarat tables with live dealers. Visit our Baccarat guide here.

CRAPS – Pirates rolled dice across seas and oceans hundreds of years ago. Today you can do the same at online casinos. Not as exciting as boarding a Spanish Galleon but you will like the fact that at online casinos you can place wagers on a large number of bets with some really attractive payout ratios.

SIC BO is another popular casino game, the results of which are determined by dice. This time the dice that are used are 3 and therefore the betting options are more than those for Craps. There are over a dozen different types of wagers you can place including the sum to be Odd/Even or Big (11-17) / Small (4-10).

CASINO HOLD’EM is very similar to the most popular poker variation Texas Hold’em. The main difference from traditional poker is that here you play against the casino and not other players. After you place the Ante bet and the flop is on the board you have a decision to make. You can either fold your hand or call with the double amount of your initial bet. You can also place side bets pre-flop to qualify for the bonus payouts which are up to 100:1 for royal flush. Learn how and where to play casino holdem.

Games for the Advanced Players

The main characteristic that distinguishes the casino games for advanced players from the rest is that you can use a set of skills for them. When playing them you can also apply some of the most popular betting strategies and patterns.

BLACKJACK – Many things are said and written about the game of Blackjack. In a nutshell, the goal is to either get 21 or simply a bigger hand than the dealer. Blackjack is so popular, we had to dedicate a special section for it on our website. There you can read about betting with charts, card counting and other techniques, as well as reviews of popular blackjack games such as Blackjack Surrender.

ROULETTE is another eternal casino classic that we’ve involved heavily in our project. Just like Blackjack, it has numerous variations including Live version at any casino with live dealers. Among the sub-topics we’ve covered you can find comparison between European and American Roulette, probabilities for different bets and more.

VIDEO POKER is very similar to playing a standard 5-card poker game. The main difference is that you don’t play against opponents and your initial bet is the maximum amount of money you can lose. Once you are dealt with your hand you can discard from one up to all five of them in the attempt to improve your hand. Payouts are determined by using the pay table, which is present at any video poker game at any casino.

What Factors Did we Take into Account?

Casino Beginners GuideIn our research we used objective approach, analysing the most relevant criteria that may influence any of the games we have reviewed. It is possible that you are not familiar with some of the terms in the headline row of our ranking table. The purpose of this topic is to make everything clear for your educated choice.

RETURN TO PLAYER / HOUSE EDGE – Probably the first thing you need to look for when choosing your casino operator. Return to player and House edge are two interdependent indicators that show you exactly how much the casino is expected to give back to players in winnings and the mathematical advantage every casino gets in the long run. These figures may vary with different real money casinos and are subject of regular inspections from the best testing agencies in the world.

VARIANCE – Simply put, when it comes to gambling variance shows you what amplitude your bankroll may experience over a certain amount of hands, spins or rounds. It is very similar to standard deviation and the smaller the number of possible outcomes for a game, the smaller is the variance for it. For example, when playing slot machines you can become a millionaire with a small bet, but it is unlikely to win a fortune on Blackjack, unless you play with a ridiculous amount of money.

REWARD TO RISK RATIO – Just like any other kind of investment, playing casino games with real money poses a certain level of risk. It pretty much varies with every casino game, so does the potential return you may get. Yes, you can play online casino without bothering yourself with all that, but it’s in your best interest to fully understand exactly how much you can win with your hard-earned cash. The key to getting your bets right is to always account all variables and keep in mind the probable consequences.

Casino Lovers

There is a group of people that gambles online just because they like to do so. For them the thrill and excitement of playing online casino is the main motivational factor, not the potential money they can win. They usually play with really small stakes or in practice mode. For those of you who fall into the later category we’ve implemented flash versions of Slots, Roulette and Blackjack in their respective game pages.

FAQs about Casino Games

Do I have to download a casino client in order to play the games? Can I play in browser mode?

There is no requirement that obliges you to download and install any kind of software in order to play casino games online. Each of our featured operators has ‘Instant play’ option. It’s entirely up to you whether you will choose to play in browser mode or opt to download the casino client. Note that some instant casinos have limited selection of games. Another plus of the casino clients is that they don’t require perfect internet connection, unlike flash casinos.

Can I play all casino games in practice mode / for fun / for free?

Of course you can. The best online casinos give you the opportunity to test the games in practice mode or have a charge-free session whenever you like. Not all games are available, though. At most casinos you will be able to play the multiplayer and live-dealer games only in real money mode.

Do all casino games contribute equally towards the wagering requirements for my welcome bonus?

In a perfect world probably yes, but unfortunately they don’t. Every casino game counts differently when it comes to bonus play-through requirements. Usually all slot machines contribute 100%, while roulette and blackjack games are around 20% and 10% respectively. However, the figures differ with every operator, you can find information for each one in our reviews.

Can I play online casino on my mobile device and what games are available?

Every online casino that is featured on this website has a mobile version that you may access from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It’s really easy to get the apps, iOS users can find them in the AppStore, but the most convenient way is to scan the QR codes you can find on their websites. Using the apps is easy and intuitive, it’s a shame that the gaming options for them are limited. However, all top casino operators have made at least one of the best gaming options available for mobile.

How can I be sure that online casino games are not rigged?

Online casinos guarantee the fairness of their featured games on multiple levels. First of all, all operators you will find on this website use the products of only reputable and trusted software companies. You can rest assured that the outcome for all games is fair if they are provided by the likes of Playtech and Microgaming. In addition, all our featured operators are under the strict control of government bodies and testing agencies who monitor them very closely.

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